Detox Diet - Carol Vorderman

Ko Chohan creator of the detox diet

"Carol Vorderman's Detox for Life" was a sensation when first published,
and launched a series of bestselling books which have sold in excess of 1 million copies worldwide.

Detox for Life

TV presenter Carol Vorderman looks great for any age, never mind a fortysomething with two youngsters.

Vorderman attributes her new slim shape and bundles of new-found energy to a detox diet.

Her 28 Day Detox Diet is not a diet video as such. It is a 28-day plan to revamp the way you eat, plan and think about food.

Assisted by "detox guru" Ko Chohan (who created the Detox Diet plan), Carol explains her own trials with diets that didn't work, illustrated by "before" photos from when she was two stone heavier and the "after" footage now.

Carol makes it sound easy and is a charming host; her own physical beauty is compelling evidence for the plan's success.

Plot Your Weight Loss Progress

Diet ChartsWhatever your choice of diet, how about some motivational help? How about a ready made spreadsheet which plots your weight loss against your target? It also has a built in BMI calculator which plots a separate graph of your reducing Body Mass Index. Immediate download... click here for more information

There are books on the detox diet, detox diet videos and detox diet DVDs and recipe books filled with detox diet recipies and advice...

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Detox Diet

Detox for Life by Carol Vorderman
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